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ALBUM // Quand on chante 2022

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On July 16th, 2022, Ariko released their brand new album, Quand on chante, at the Festival du loup (Lafontaine, Ontario).

The album consists of 12 pieces, including many original compositions, a few traditional French-Canadian songs, as well as one Franco-Ontarian song. The title of the album, Quand on chante, celebrates the power of music in our lives.

The album is available on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music. Physical copies will be available at future Ariko performances. If you wish to receive a copy of the album, you can also communicate directly with Ariko by email (


Nicole Lefaive / voice, violon, graphic design, mixing

Jill Lefaive / voice, violon, graphic design, mixing

Kelly Lefaive / voice, violon, mandolin, mixing

Laura Jones / voice, bass, mixing

Louis Lefaive / voice, piano, keyboard, accordion, mixing, audio recording

Rick Patenaude / drums, mixing, audio recording

Derek Gray / percussions

Whip Côté / mixing, audio recording

Justin Gray / mastering

Ryan Osman / photography

Ginette Pelletier / art

Janie Myner / text revision

Produced by Ariko, The Pocket Studio, Tiny, ON (2022)

Compositions by Ariko, other than Moi j'viens du Nord (Robert Paquette).

Special thanks: Rick Patenaude, Whip Côté, Derek Gray, Ryan Osman, Ginette Pelletier, Justin Gray, Janie Myner, Mike Lefaive, Marc Lalonde, Michel Paiement, Joëlle Roy, Claude Quesnelle, Monty Gray, Robert Paquette and the Ontario Arts Council.

Listen now:


Released July 15, 2017

Nicole Lefaive Voice and violin / Composition tracks 2 and 8 
Jill Lefaive Voice and violin / Composition tracks 2, 4 and 6 
Kelly Lefaive Voice, violin, mandolin / Composition tracks 5 and 11 
Laura Jones Voice and percussion / Composition track 7 
Louis Lefaive Voice, piano, bass, drums / Composition tracks 3 and 9 

Rick Patenaude Drums tracks 1, 3 and 10 
Derek Gray Percussion track 5 

Produced, recorded and arranged by Ariko
Mixing and programming by Louis Lefaive 
Mastering by Louis Lefaive and Whip Cote 
Photography by Ryan Osman and Norman Osman 
Album graphics by Jill Lefaive 
Recorded at The Pocket Studio, Tiny, ON 

Thank you: Rick Patenaude, Derek Gray, Ryan Osman, Norman Osman, Peter Lefaive, Louise Gauthier, Marc Lalonde, Joëlle Roy, Katie Ritz, Geneviève Lefaive et Whip Cote. A loving thank you to Momsy, Popsy, Mémère and Pépère. Leur amour rayonne dans notre portrait de famille.


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