Participate in a “bonhomme gigeur” (dancing puppet) contest, master a stepdance sequence and join in a square dance. Accompanied by the Lefaive sisters on violin, participants will discover rich Canadian folk traditions in a lively and engaging manner.

Inviting and catchy, french call and response songs engage the audience through their unspoken invitation to participate. Discover the rich history of this oral tradition and have fun participating in a ready made “kitchen party” complete with an instrument we all have in our own homes: spoons!

With their winning formula, call and response songs invite everyone to sing. Discover the secrets to their success by exploring a traditional song and modernizing it with your own lyrics. Experiment and unleash your creativity to write a call and response song that tells your own story!

Traditional Dance

Call and Response Songs

Songwriting Workshops

ages 5-9

ages 8-12

ages 12+

Length of workshops: 45 - 60 minutes

The workshops can be modified to meet the needs of your group.

Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques.  Reproduit et adapté avec la permission du CFORP.